“The Students union at the Tech College used to organise the gigs.

They were held in the main college hall, with the college refectory being the bar (although we did have a couple of summer day events that took place in one of the lawned squares that were enclosed by the lecture rooms). The bouncers were supplied by Peterborough Rugby club, knew a few of them through my parents, so that always helped to get in !

Chris Sykes used to do the Disco there as the warm up (Atmospheric Pressure), I was mates with his younger brother Richard, so we used to haul the kit in a get in for free (good going for a 15 year old!). I’m still mates with his brother so I’ll see if we can get a list together.

Chris also had a printing press so he used to print the posters, one of his younger brothers ended up with it after Chris left home, not sure if any of his brothers still have any of the old posters, I’ll ask.

The Student Union secretary at the time (name I’ll remember soon) lived at the Windmill pub in Orton, his parents were the landlord.”

Noel McLaughlin


Social Secretaries
Chris Sykes
Anthony Sykes
Keith Tilley (His parents were landlords at the Windmill in Orton)
Steve Allan Discos
Rock Hopper Discos
Atmospheric Pressure
DJs included
Steve Allen
Chris Sykes
Anthony Sykes (Tony)
Keith Tilley
Mick Scouse
Bouncers were either supplied by Alan Davey Enterprises (Peterborough Rugby Club) or by Dragon Entertainments (RAF Wittering personnel picked up from the A1 Club on camp)
Bar was suplied by the Black Horse at Nassington
Roadies for Atmospheric Pressure, the Three Musketiers. Noel, Richard & Shaun.
After gig party held at 10 Ledbury Rd. courtessey of Mr & Mrs Sykes. Roadies, DJs and friends all welcome.