Tony Benham (vocals), Richard ‘Bugs’ Austin (Lead Guitar), Mick Lemmon (Rhythm Guitar), Colin Hodgkinson (bass), Adrian Titman (Keyboards), Trevor Wright (drums)




Local Peterborough band who were formed in the late 1950s and had the dubious legend to play before the Beatles on their 1963 visit to the Embassy Theatre. Pianist with band, Adam Titman, remembered how John Lennon offered them some friendly advice after their set. “He said we all played well, but told us to stop being like the Shadows. It was a revelation because up until then most bands did try to be like the Shadows and the Beatles were one of the few who didn’t !”


Ian Lemmon, brother of guitarist Mike, told the Peterborough Telegraph in 2009, “the band were very, very good. There would always be a large crowd when they played in Peterborough, and my father, who managed them, would arrange coach trips when they played out of town. They used to play regularly at the Corn Exchange on Saturday nights, and it was always the place to be. They were fantastic days for the city.”


Bass player Colin Hodgkinson remembers the early days, “Peterborough in 1959 was a vibrant time for live music. Disco’s hadn’t been invented and if you wanted to dance, then you were dancing to live bands and artists. And the music of that time was Rock n Roll.

Many Peterborough dance halls and venues were in full swing and if you had a band that was anywhere near half reasonable, you could find yourself a gig or even a residency. Big names acts often appeared too, both at local dance halls and at the Embassy Theatre on Broadway.”

Colin’s first band the Dynatones were regulars at Eastways Boys Club in 1959 and other city venues, but asked whether he could make a living from those appearances at the time, he will return a firm “no” and tell you he still had to hold down a day job.


Dynatones 1963: Top centre:- COLIN HODGKINSON ( Bass Guitar), Extreme left:- TREVOR WRIGHT ( Drummer – Stage Name Trev West ) Deceased, Extreme right:- ADRIAN TITMAN ( Keyboards – Now Adrian King), Bottom Left:- TONY BENHAM ( Vocalist ) Deceased, Bottom Middle:- MICK LEMMON ( Rythmn Guitarist ) Deceased, Bottom Right:- RICHARD ‘BUGS’ AUSTIN ( Lead Guitarist)