Summer 1978 to December 1979


Mark Lindores (lead vocals and guitar), Peter Ward (guitar and backing vocals), Nick Drury (bass), John Mattera (drums)


Demo cassette tape


UK Gospel rock was little more than second-rate folk music in its own subculture (Cliff Richard being the notable exception, but he was already famous), doubtless fuelled by most churchfolk saying heavy metal in particular was, “the devil’s music”. Into this setting stepped FOOLS TO THE EARTH, Peterborough’s first Christians to pick up electric guitars and drums, and sing something more than happy-clappy choruses to – they intended – not just fellow believers. They wanted to be as good as what the wider world was doing.

Initially formed of five 16-18 year old lads from two families, they considered praying more important than practising. Debates raged about how much preaching should take place between songs, and (in common with every other band) equipment was both expensive and not always reliable. On top of all else there was a dearth of appropriate material, songs by the American Larry Norman was about it. Nothing undaunted however and necessity being the mother of invention they wrote most of their own material, begged and prayed for better and louder amplifiers etc, and had enthusiasm in abundance. The ‘classic’ line-up’s first gig was a sixth form disco at Stanground School, its last – and best – at Long Buckby Baptist Church just before Christmas. Despite intentions most were in church-type venues, with on the whole decent reactions.

“I was heartbroken when it all fell apart, and had the unpleasant job of writing to future gigs saying we wouldn’t be turning up”, explains Pete the lead guitarist and main songwriter, “We were young and doing something that we strongly believed in. I really did think we would break through into the big time, and we did have quite a bit of local support. I received only compliments about the songs we’d written ourselves, in fact most were surprised at that fact. Occasionally Mark and I mused about re-forming, but it wasn’t to be.”

In 2010 a nice little reunion took place when two members met for the first time in decades . They didn’t perform to those friends present however. But you never know what’s around the corner …


L-R: Mick Drury, Peter Ward, Mark Lindores, John Mattera
L-R: Mick Drury, Peter Ward, Mark Lindores, John Mattera