Hackensack – Halcyon, Atherstone Avenue (Cloud Nine) – 8th February 1972

  • early British heavy rock band

Hank Wangford – Embankment (Country Music Festival) – 1983

  • you can watch Hank performing “Cowboys Stay On Longer” at Peterborough HERE

Hawkwind – Technical College – early 1970s

Hawkwind – Wirrina Stadium – 7th November 1980

  • Line up was Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Ginger Baker, Huw Lloyd-Langton and Keith Hale

Hawkwind- Wirrina Stadium – 30th September 1981

  • supported by Mama’s Boys
  • “at 9.00 the Hawkwind trio took to the stage. At Reading, they had a good gig, despite their reduced ranks. Peterborough was a disaster music-wise but the amazing lightshow kept the whole thing on a reasonable level. It was just one of those nights when so many little things went wrong that that the band were never able to get into overdrive and put the sparkle and imagination into the gig. They just had to work like crazy to keep the set going. Dave (Brock) said afterwards that on the rare occasions when it did start to fall into place, he was so surprised that he just dried up !To the band, the night was a terrible disaster saved only by the lightshow. To me, it was a good night. I stood near the back of the hall by the mixing desk and revelled in it. The band played with a powerful, driving energy to compensate for the lack of lead guitar and the effect was very similar to some of the fast and muffled parts of the space ritual and the lights were exceptionally hypnotic. All in all, the impression was one of being at an early Hawkwind concert. The lights brought the screen to life and the music throbbed around the hall and seemed to enter directly into my head bypassing the ears. A strange sensation which was caused, I suppose, by the fact that the music leaned heavily towards the bass notes. Whatever, it was a good night for me. I did record the gig but it sounds awful and the band begged me to erase it and when I wouldn’t then suggested that I shouldn’t play it to anyone else ….. in fact they thought the gig was so bad that the fans waiting for autographs were given signed programmes by way of an apology for not giving a performance which was considered to be up to standard !”

Hawkwind- Wirrina Stadium – 6th December 1986


The Heavy Metal Kids – Embankment – 17th August 1974

  • “The Heavy Metal Kids appeared on The Embankment at a Marquee gig. It was an Easy Street Promotions gig and followed an afternoon free open air concert on the adjacent site”.

The Heavy Metal Kids – Technical College – 19th October 1974

The Heavy Metal Kids – Wirrina Stadium – 29th January 1976

  • supported by Loco

Hedgehoppers Anonymous – Palais, Wentworth Street – 12th December 1964

  • billed as “The Hedgehoppers”
  • supporting The Yardbirds
  • the RAF Wittering based band played many small pub/club gigs in the area during their early years

Hedgehoppers Anonymous – A1 Club, Wittering – 19th December 1964

  • billed as “The Hedgehoppers”
  • also played their “home” venue 20th February 1965, 29th March 1965, 1st May 1965

Hedgehoppers Anonymous – Palais, Wentworth Street – 13th March 1965

  • supporting The Kinks

Hedgehoppers Anonymous – Palais, Wentworth Street – 19th April 1965

  • billed as “The Hedgehoppers”
  • supporting Unit Four Plus Two

Hedgehoppers Anonymous – Palais, Wentworth Street – 9th April 1966

Helen Shapiro – Corn Exchange – 28th July 1961

  • appeared as a 14 year old !
  • on stage from 9:30pm – 10:00pm only !
  • “must be off-stage by 10pm”

Helen Shapiro – Embassy Theatre – 21st January 1962

Helen Shapiro – Embassy Theatre – 10th February 1963

  • toured with the Beatles as support but the “Fab Four” pulled out as they were due at Abbey Road Studios the following day to record their “Please Please Me” album so travelled down to London instead

Helen Shapiro – Embassy Theatre – 10th November 1963

  • appeared with The Fourmost, Bobby Rydell, The Spotnicks and The Chants

The Hepcats – Corn Exchange – 9th April 1960

  • Corby based beat band who made several appearances in Peterborough
  • supported by Lance Fortune who had the dubious task of replacing Eddie Cochrane on Gene Vincent’s tour after the former’s untimely death

The Herd – ABC Theatre – 17th April 1968

  • sharing top billing with The Kinks (see “The Kinks” for more details on this show)

Herman’s Hermits – ABC Embassy Theatre – 13th November 1965

  • bill included Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders, The Fortunes, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

Hi-Tension – The Cresset, Bretton – 6th November 1978

Hi-Tension – Wirrina Stadium – 18th June 1979

The Hollies – Corn Exchange – 3rd August 1963

  • billed as “Manchester’s answer to Liverpool !!!”

The Hollies – Embassy Theatre – 12th April 1964

  • appeared with Dave Clark Five and The Kinks

The Hollies – Palais, Wentworth Street – 15th May 1965

Band members with two (female) members of their local fan club.
Band members with two (female) members of their local fan club.

The Hollies – Embassy Theatre – 13th November 1965

The Hollies – ABC Theatre – 22nd October 1966 (see “Small Faces”)

  • appeared with Small Faces, Nashville Teens and Paul Jones

The Hollies – ABC Theatre – 23rd May 1968

  • supported by Paul Jones and Scaffold

The Hollies – Cresset, Bretton – 30th May 1981

The Hollies – Cresset, Bretton – 6th April 1995

The Hollies – Cresset, Bretton – 23rd October 1997

The Hollies – Cresset, Bretton – 28th April 1999

  • set list was Here I Go Again, Jennifer Eccles, Just One Look, 4th of July – Asbury Park (Sandy), Stay, After the Fox, Don’t Let Me Down (Acoustic), Not That Way at All (Acoustic), Butterfly (Acoustic), Running Through the Night, I’m Alive, On a Carousel, I Can’t Let Go, Yes I Will, Sorry Suzanne, King Midas in Reverse, We’re Through, Peggy Sue Got Married, Blackbird (Acoustic), Look Through Any Window, Bus Stop, Carrie Anne, Stop! Stop! Stop!, The Air That I Breathe, He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. Encore: Let’s Dance, At the Hop, Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

The Honeycombs – The Palais, Wentworth Street – 29th September 1964

  • the opening night at the Peterborough Palais
  • the gig at which rhythm guitarist and band founder Martin Murray was pulled off stage by overenthusiastic fans and broke his leg and arm. As a result he missed the next few weeks worth of gigs and eventually left the band to be replaced by stand-in Peter Pye

The Honeycombs – Palais, Wentworth Street – 11th September 1965

The Honeycombs – The Palais, Wentworth Street – 31st December 1966

The Honeycombs – Daltons Warehouse, Dalmark House, Eye – 5th July 1980

  • with The Marmalade

Horace Faith – Spinning Wheel Club, Bull & Dolphin – 28th March 1969

The Hornets – The Cresset, Bretton – 14th March 1980

  • supporting The Piranhas

The Hornets – Focus Youth Club, Dogsthorpe – 19th April 1980

  • supporting The Name

The Hornets – The Cresset, Bretton – 13th March 1981

Hot Chocolate – Embassy Theatre – Early 1970s?

The Housemartins – Glasshouse Sessions, Key Theatre – 1980s

Humphrey Littleton – Great Hall, Oundle School – 20th January 1974

Hunter Musket – Technical College – Early 1970s ?

Hurricane Henry & The Shriekers – Corn Exchange – 23rd May 1964

  • fronted by Ian Hunter (later of Mott The Hoople) who was living in Northampton at the time
  • final show played at the Corn Exchange before closure and demolition
  • other acts on bill were The Cascades, The Beatnicks, the Ivy League

Ian Anderson – Shakedown Club, The Halcyon, Westwood – 7th October 1968

Ian Anderson – Halcyon, Westwood – 7th October 1968

  • Jethro Tull front man

Ian Dury (see Kilburn and The High Roads)

Ian Hunter (see Hurricane Henry & The Shriekers, Freddie Fingers Lee & The Shriekers)

Iron Maiden – Peterborough Technical College – 1970s

  • this was the local “Iron Maiden” who pre-dated the legendary global rock band !

The Ivy League – Corn Exchange – 23rd May 1964

  • final show played at the Corn Exchange before closure and demolition
  • other acts on bill were The Cascades, The Beatnicks, Hurricane Henry & The Shriekers

The Ivy League – Palais, Wentworth Street – 27th March 1965

Jack The Lad – Technical College – Mid 1970s

  • folk rock / electric folk band from the north east of England formed in 1973 by three former members of Lindisfarne (Rod Clements, Simon Cowe & Ray Laidlaw)

J.A.L.N. Band – Cressett, Bretton – 1970s

  • Main Hall – private gig

James & Bobby Purify – Wirrina Stadium – 11th June 1976

Jan Burnnette – Corn Exchange – 22nd June 1963

Jasper Carrott – Cobden Arms, Westwood Street – Early 1970s

  • as a Folk artist rather than a comedian albeit the latter was always part of his early performances

Jerry Lee Lewis – Palais, Wentworth Street – 28th November 1964

Jerry Lee Lewis on stage at the Palais [photo: Peter Baxter]
Jerry Lee Lewis on stage at the Palais [photo: Peter Baxter]
Jerry Lee Lewis – ABC Theatre – 29th April 1972

Jethro Tull – Eastfield Showground – 15th June 1968

  • headlined the “When The Sun Goes Down” marquee show at the end of the Agricultural Show
  • rumoured that the unusual headliners were chosen because the original Jethro Tull was a pioneering agriculturalist !

Jethro Tull – Broadway Theatre – 22nd March 2006

Jethro Tull – Broadway Theatre – 16th May 2008

Jigsaw – Technical College – 24th November 1973

Jigsaw – Cloud Nine, Trinity Church Hall, Priestgate – 23rd February 1974

Jilted Brides, Tropicana – Bishops Road – 2nd July 1986

  • with The Three Johns

Jimmy Cliff with Sound System – Palais, Wentworth Street – 16th June 1966

Jimmy James & The Vagabonds – Palais, Wentworth Street – 24th March 1966

Jimmy James & The Vagabonds – Technical College – 29th April 1972

Jimmy James & The Vagabonds – Cloud Nine, Trinity Church Hall, Priestgate – 27th October 1973

  • first show at the new Cloud Nine venue

Jimmy James & The Vagabonds – Lynch Farm, Alwalton – 6th July 1974

Jimmy Powell & The Dimensions – Technical College – 21st December 1968

Jimmy Ruffin – Cloud Nine, Grand Hotel – 4th February 1970

JLS – Embankment – 18th July

Joe Brown & The Jollies – Corn Exchange – 8th July 1961

Joe Brown & The Bruvvers – Embassy Theatre – 28th April 1963

  • supported by Rolph Harris (sp)

Joe Brown & The Bruvvers – Palais, Wentworth Street – 17th April 1965

Joe Brown & The Bruvvers – Broadway Theatre – 11th July 2003

Joe Jackson Band – Wirrina Stadium – 25th August 1980

John Cooper Clarke – ABC Theatre – 1987 ?

  • with Minor Arcana

John Mayall’s Blues Breakers – Glinton College – 3rd March 1967

John Mayall’s Blues Breakers – Whittlesey (“The Barn BBQ Concert & Barn Dance”) – 2nd/3rd June 1968

  • with Donovan, Fairport Convention, Fleetwood Mac, Amen Corner
  • see “Donovan” for more details on this show

John Mayall’s Blues Breakers – Halcyon, Atherstone Avenue – Late 1960s ?

John Miles – ABC Theatre – 1979

John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett – Wirrina Stadium – 18th May 1978

John Otway – Cathedral Square – 2nd August 1987

  • with Then Jerico, The Pleasure Heads, Johnny Says Yeah and Boysdream

John Otway – Key Theatre Glasshouse

Johnny Dankworth & Cleo Laine – Mansfield Palais – 12th February 1955

Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys – Mansfield Palais – 1957

  • US Skiffle artist

Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys – Corn Exchange – 16th May 1959

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Corn Exchange – 28th January 1961

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Corn Exchange – 17th March 1962

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – ABC Embassy Theatre – 13th November 1965

  • supporting Herman’s Hermits

Judas Priest – Technical College – 2nd February 1974

  • set list was Victim of Changes, Run of the Mill, Winter, Dying to Meet You, Caviar and Meths, One for the Road

Judas Priest – Wirrina Stadium – 22nd April 1976

Judas Priest – Wirrina Stadium – 24th November 1978

  • Final night of the UK “Killing Machine” tour. Set list was Exciter, White Heat – Red Hot, Sinner, Killing Machine, Rock Forever, Beyond the Realms of Death, Running Wild, Evil Fantasies, Delivering the Goods, Victim of Changes, Starbreaker. Encore: Genocide

Juicy Lucy – Cloud Nine, Grand Hotel – 2nd November 1969

Juicy Lucy – Baston Playing Field (Marquee) – 18th April 1970

Julie Driscoll & The Spontaneous Music Ensemble – Halcyon, Westwood – Late 1960s

  • “Unfortunately she was with the ‘Spontaneous Music Ensemble’ and caterwauled throughout. Half the audience walked out !”
  • “I walked all the way from Fletton to see them. What a racket ! 10/- was a lot of money then !”

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & Trinity – Halcyon, Westwood – 1973/4

Junior Walker & The All Stars – Wirrina Stadium – 12th November 1977

Justin Hayward & John Lodge – ABC Theatre – 22nd November 1975

  • The Moody Blues duo John Lodge & Justin Hayward on their “Hiatus Tour” supported by band members Mel Galley (guitars), Dave Holland (drums), Jim Cockey (strings), Tim Tompkins (strings) and Tom Tompkins (strings).
  • Set list was Saved By the Music, Remember Me (My Friend), The Story in Your Eyes This Morning, You, You and Me, My Brother, Isn’t Life Strange?, Who Are You Now?, New Horizons, Emily’s Song, I Dreamed Last Night, Overture from “Days of Future Passed”, Nights in White Satin, I’m Just a Singer (in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band), Blue Guitar, When You Wake Up, Question.

The Kaiser Chiefs (see “Parva”)

Karl Denver Trio – Corn Exchange – 9th September 1961

Kasabian – The Park, Park Road (“Club With No Name”) – 17th February 2004

Newspaper feature 13/09/04
Newspaper feature 13/02/04

Katrina & The Waves – Glasshouse Sessions, Key Theatre – 1980s

Keane – The Park, Park Road (“Club With No Name”) – 9th September 2000

  • “We played at the Club With No Name in Peterborough last weekend – another chance to play to people who don’t know our music, and to play a couple more songs than usual. Tom was in fine string-breaking form, but we charged through: Pot of gold, Morsel, Less is More, Call Me What You Like, Closer Now, New One, Maps, Wolf at the Door. The promoter was really pleased with it and has asked us back to play there again – keep an eye on the gigs page.”
  • Keane tweet 2013 – “My train just passed through Peterborough, site of one of our earliest & most disastrous gigs. Luckily only about 5 people saw it ! It was called ‘The Club With No Name’ iirc ….. seem to remember it was near a high street. Tom broke a guitar string – it went downhill fast. I believe it may have featured the line ‘anyone know any jokes?’ “

Keef Hartley & The Dream Police – Baston Playing Field (Marquee) – 25th May 1970

Keith Relf’s Renaissence – Cloud Nine, Grand Hotel – 7th December 1969

The Ketas – Palais, Wentworth Street – 17th October 1964

  • Suffolk based band who played Peterborough regularly as support to many major artists

Ketty Lester – Corn Exchange – 20th June 1963

Kilburn and The High Roads – A1 Club, Wittering – 14th November 1973

  • featuring Ian Dury on vocals

    1973 Tour Poster
    1973 Tour Poster

The Killermeters – Focus Youth Club, Dogsthorpe – 19th April 1980

  • supporting The Name

Killjoys – Marcus Garvey Club – 19th August 1977

  • featured Kevin Rowlands on vocals who went on to front Dexys Midnight Runners
  • supported by local punk band The Now

The Kinks – Embassy Theatre – 12th April 1964

  • supporting Dave Clark Five and The Hollies (see “Dave Clark Five” and “The Hollies” for more details)
From the Embassy show programme

The Kinks – Embassy Theatre – late 1964 ?

  • with Gerry & The Pacemakers and an “unknown” Tom Jones !

The Kinks – Palais, Wentworth Street – 13th March 1965

The Kinks – Palais, Wentworth Street – 18th December 1965

The Kinks – ABC Theatre – 17th April 1968

  • sharing top billing with The Herd

The Kooks – Met Lounge – 15th July 2005 (plus two other dates)

Krazy Kat – Technical College – 17th February 1978

  • supported by Foxglove

Kurtis Blow – Tropicana, Bishops Road

Labi Siffre – Key Theatre – 26th October 1980

Lambrettas – Focus Youth Club, Dogsthorpe – 19th April 1980

Lee Dorsey – Cloud Nine, Grand Hotel – 29th October 1969

Leo Sayer – ABC Theatre – 30th September 1977

Leo Sayer – ABC Theatre – 18th November 1978

  • played two shows

Leo Sayer – ABC Theatre – 20th September 1979

Let Loose – Cresset, Bretton – 1990s

Level 42 – Cresset, Bretton – 1985 ?

Level 42 – Mallard Park Hotel – 26th October 1991

The Levellers – Cresset, Bretton – 21st July 1990

The Levellers – Cresset, Bretton – 25th May 2008

The Libertines – Met Lounge – 14th June 2002

  • “This was the third time I have seen the boys and this was certainly the best gig. The Candy’s were good support, and the lead singer joined the libs on stage at the end..although Pete didnt seem too impressed, Karl loved it! The set was really short and sweet and if i remember correctly the setlist was … Horror Show, Up The Bracket, (a new one i think called) Vertigo, Mayday, What A Waster, Bangkok, I Get Along, Boys In The Band.Spoke to Karl and Pete before the gig aswell, and they really are genuinely nice blokes! I asked them to play Death On The Stairs but Karl was having none of it. It was the best gig ever – the crowd went mental which added to the atmosphere, although at one point things got so mad that the barrier threatened to collapse and we could have been crushed but it was all good for a laugh!”

The Libertines – Met Lounge – 26th September 2002

Light of the World – Cresset, Bretton – Early 1980s

Limmie & The Family Cookin’ – Wirrina Stadium – 1st March 1974

Limmie & The Family Cookin’ – Wirrina Stadium (“Phoenix Soul Club”) – 28th November 1975

Lindisfarne – Wirrina Stadium – 9th March 1984

Lionheart – The Fleet Centre, Fletton – 1981 ?

  • featured ex-Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton

Little Angels – Cresset, Bretton – 1989?

Little Brother Montgomery – The Halcyon, Atherstone Avenue  – 1973/4

Lloyd Watson’s Pocket Edition – Spinning Wheel Club, Bull & Dolphin – 31st May 1968

Lloyd Watson & his Blues Band – Elton Village Hall – 25th April 1969

Loco – Wirrina Stadium – 25th February 1976

Long John Baldry (see “Steam Packet”)

Lonnie Donegan – Embassy Theatre – 23rd February 1959

  • One week residence playing with Billy Dainty and Miki & Griff

Lonnie Donegan – Embankment (Country Music Festival) – 30th August 1981

Lonnie Donegan – Key Theatre – 1st August 1982

Lonnie Donegan – Embankment (Country Music Festival) – 23rd August 1986

The Look – Gladstone Arms – 1981/2 ?

Lord Rockingham’s XI – Corn Exchange – 1st August 1959

  • resident band on TV’s “Oh Boy” programme

Lost Prophets – Met Lounge

The Love Affair – Baston Playing Field (Marquee) – 3rd May 1969

Lulu & The Luvvers – Palais, Wentworth Street – 9th October 1965

Lurkers – Wirrina Stadium – 18th May 1979

  • support was from local band The Name.
  • The show was delayed for over an hour as The Lurkers waited for their bus of London fans to complete their pub crawl to Peterborough. Within minutes of their set opening, the modest crowd exploded into a running battle where it wasn’t clear which set of fans was chasing which ! After returning to the stage, the running battles resumed and the set was abandoned !