Al Audsley, Peter Howsam, Andy Stuffins, Bryan Tyler, Harry Sayers.


VINYL 7″ SINGLE 1982: “Boys In Colours EP” featuring “Boys In Colours”, “Closer To The Heart”, “Lip Reading Through Binoculars” (WIDE Records: Wide 001)


“I was there in the studio when they recorded their single and then we visited the record factory when they were printing it. I also helped to stick the record covers together. They used to practice in Andy Stuffins’ Dad’s barn. They played at the Raffles pub (the Alderman).” Jayne Horton


A Dancing Mirage
Top left: Al Audsley, Top Right: Peter Howsam, Bottom Left: Andy Stuffins, Middle: Bryan Tyler, Bottom Right: Harry Sayers.
Boys In Colours EP
Boys In Colours EP