The Damned – Focus Youth Club, Dogsthorpe – 30th September 1978

  • appeared as “The Doomned” after the original Damned line-up had split a few weeks earlier
  • line-up was Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible, Rat Scabies, Henry Badowski

The Damned – Wirrina Stadium – 24th November 1979

  • originally scheduled for 16th November but was put back after the mixing of their album (“Machine Gun Etiquette”) overran

The Damned – Wirrina Stadium – 4th December 1981

The Damned – The Park, Park Road – 19th August 2000

The Damned – The Park, Park Road – 7th December 2000

The Damned – Cresset, Bretton – 2nd August 2006

The Damned – Cresset, Bretton – 28th November 2007

The Damned – Showground, Alwalton – 17th May 2008

The Damned – The Park, Park Road (“Club Revolution”) – 9th August 2009

Dandy Livingstone – Drill Hall, London Road – 6th January 1973

Danny Storm – Corn Exchange – 21st May 1960

The Darkness – Met Lounge – 8th December 2002

The Darkness – Met Lounge – 13th February 2003

  • “Justin stood on the monitors, lost his balance and grabbed the ceiling and pulled it down on top of him!!!”
  • “They played The Met in Feb 2003 as a warm up to the theatre tour they were just about to do with Def Leppard – which they got after they played The Met in December 2002 and I spoke to Justin and said that they needed to get front of classic ‘rock’ audience in order to break through. I said then that Def Leppard had just announced a tour for March 2003 and that would be the perfect tour to get onto and he txd his agent there and then asking if they could be put forward. Its all started from that Def Leppard tour, they got a show with (I Think) Deep Purple at Wembley Arena and then the Robbie shows and then Radio 1 picked up on them and they were away” Steve Jason, Met Lounge

Darryl Way’s Wolf – Technical College – Mid 1970s

  • ex Curved Air

Darts – The Cresset, Bretton – 5th July 1981

Dave Berry & The Cruisers – A1 Club, Wittering – 7th April 1965

Dave Berry & The Cruisers – Palais, Wentworth Street – 4th September 1965

Dave Clark Five – Embassy Theatre – 12th April 1964

  • a fantastic line-up also featuring The Hollies and The Kinks ! (see “The Hollies” & “The Kinks” for more details”)
Show poster
Dave Clark Five programme from the Embassy show

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Mick & Tich – Palais (“Palais De Danse”), Wentworth Street – 30th June 1966

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Mick & Tich – Baston Playing Field (Marquee) – 14th September 1968

David Bowie & The Buzz – Palais, Wentworth Street – 10th March 1966

David Essex – ABC – 1976

  • his first solo tour

David Essex – Broadway Theatre – 15th November 2001, 17th May 2008

David Essex – Cresset, Bretton – 5th November 2009, 23rd November 2012 and more ?

David Lee Roth – Mallard Park Hotel – 6th March 1991

  • supported by Warrant and Jagged Edge

Dave Lee Roth – Mallard Park ticket

Deacon Blue – Broadway Theatre – 17th November 2001

Deacon Blue @ Broadway Theatre 2001

The Deep Throats – Unity Hall – 9th November 1978

  • supported by The Now

Demon Fuzz – Great Hall, Oundle School – 13th June 1971

  • afro-rock group formed by UK immigrants from Commonwealth countries
  • supported by Heron

The Desecrators – The Glasshouse, Key Theatre – 1987 ?

Desmond Decker & The Aces – Spinning Wheel Club, Bull & Dolphin – 5th April 1969

  • “Desmond Decker arrived in the back of a big old Humber wearing a coat with a fur collar. The Aces opened the set and lit the place up before he even set foot on stage !”
  • arrived at the Bull & Dolphin the same week that “Israelites” hit #1 in the UK charts and an estimated 1,000 turned up to a venue holding around 200 !
  • support was UK prog rock band “If” who went down so well that the club managers decided to start regular Sunday rock nights thereafter !

Desmond Decker – The Cresset, Bretton – 29th July 1978

The Destructors – Herlington Centre, Orton Malborne – 25th February 1978

  • played with fellow local band The Now

The Destructors – Technical College – 23rd April 1983

  • supporting Sisters Of Mercy
  • billed as “Demons Of Youth” due to The Destructors being banned from playing in the city at the time !

Diamond Head – The Park, Park Road – 4th November 2007

  • set list was Lightning to the Nations (with “Am I Evil?” Intro), Give It to Me, The Prince, This Planet and Me, In the Heat of the Night, Skin on Skin, Sucking My Love, Helpless, Am I Evil?, Mine All Mine, Streets of Gold. Encore: To the Devil His Due

Detroit Emeralds – Wirrina Stadium – 5th March 1976

The Detours – The Gaslight Club – 1987 ?

Dickie Valentine – Embassy Theatre – 10th March 1958

  • week long residence with Roy Castle, Jimmy James, Clarkson & Leslie, Lester Sharp & Iris, Kendor Brothers and Three Brittons

Doctor & The Medics – Glasshouse Sessions, Key Theatre – 1980s

Doctor & The Medics – Bourne Festival – 12th June 2004

Doctor Feelgood – Cresset, Bretton – 29th October 2000

Doctors of Madness – Oundle School, Great Hall – 14th November 1976

  • setlist was Mainlines, Doctors of Madness, Marie and Joe, B Movie Bedtime, Billy Watch Out!, In Camera, Brothers, Suicide City, Waiting, Please Don’t Shoot The Pianist Encore: Cool, I’m Waiting for the Man
  • “We booked them based on their promo boast of the Kw output of their light and sound rigs !”
  • “November 1976 was still pre-punk – at least so far as public school Northamptonshire was concerned – we had no idea what was coming and the bleak nihilism and energy the Docs brought to the show blew me away and perfectly set the scene for the coming youth explosion that was punk.”

Dogs D’Amour – Cresset, Bretton – 1989

  • supporting Uriah Heep

The Dole – Community Complex, Padholme Road – 4th November 1977

  • appeared with fellow Peterborough band Gobblinz

The Dole – Focus Youth Club, Dogsthorpe – 14th January 1978

  • supporting Suburban Studs

The Dole – Technical College – 6th May 1978

  • supporting Stadium Dogs

The Dole – Focus Youth Club, Dogsthorpe – 7th October 1978

  • supporting The Only Ones

The Dole – St Barnabas Hall, Taverners Road – 26th January 1979

The Dole – Technical College – 10th November 1978

  • supported by White Heat and The Now

The Dole – Technical College – 28th April 1979

Donovan – Palais, Wentworth Street – 5th August 1965

  • was scheduled for 3rd July 1965 but “failed to appear” !

Donovan – Whittlesey (“The Barn BBQ Concert & Barn Dance”) – 2nd/3rd June 1968

  • with John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, Fairport Convention, Fleetwood Mac, Amen Corner
  • the venue was a newly built “centrally heated” warehouse on Benwick Road (today’s Lattersey Hill Trading Estate and possibly the “Harveys” warehouse ?)
  • Sunday headliners The Move never showed up, leaving Amen Corner to headline !

The Doomed – Focus Youth Club, Dogsthorpe – 21st October 1978

  • see “The Damned” above

The Drifters – Wirrina Stadium – 19th April 1974

The Drifters – La Scala Night Club – 12th October 1983

  • “I typed that menu! I’d actually typed up 50 and then we were notified that the woman in America who owned the name “The Drifters” wouldn’t allow it to be used so their management hastily changed it to “Johnny Moore & Slightly Adrift”! I had 1 hour to type another 50 and was definitely slightly adrift myself by that time! Good night though and they were great guys, even if they did arrive early and frightened the living daylights out of me!”

The Drifters – Broadway Theatre – 26th November 2011

The Drifters – Cresset, Bretton – 1st December 2012, 10th November 2013

The Drones – Focus Youth Club, Dogsthorpe – 14th October 1978

  • supported by The Now and The Dole

Ducks DeLuxe – Great Hall, Oundle School – 15th June 1974

Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts – The Cresset, Bretton – 3rd April 1992

Dusty Springfield – Embassy Theatre – 18th February 1962

  • see “The Springfields” for show details

Dynatones – Various – 1960s

  • local Peterborough band who were formed in the late 1950s and had the dubious legend to play before the Beatles on their 1963 visit to the Embassy Theatre. Pianist with band, Adam Titman, remembered how John Lennon offered them some friendly advice after their set. “He said we all played well, but told us to stop being like the Shadows. It was a revelation because up until then most bands did try to be like the Shadows and the Beatles were one of the few who didn’t !”
Dynatones 1963
  • Top centre:- COLIN HODGKINSON ( Bass Guitar- who is now a world acclaimed musician ), Extreme left:- TREVOR WRIGHT ( Drummer -Stage Name Trev West ) Deceased, Extreme right:- ADRIAN TITMAN ( Keyboards – Now Adrian King gigging & residing U.S.A.), Bottom Left:- TONY BENHAM ( Vocalist ) Deceased, Bottom Middle:- MICK LEMMON ( Rythmn Guitarist ) Deceased, Bottom Right:- Richard ‘Bugs’ Austin ( Lead Guitarist – living in Aussie & still gigging ).

East Of Eden – A1 Club, Wittering – Early 1970s

East Of Eden – Technical College – Early 1970s

East 17 – Orton Longueville School – November 1992

  • school pupil won competition to have band play a show
  • 200 tickets for the show

Ed Sheeran – Cresset, Bretton – 26th May 2010

  • supporting Example
  • tickets cost £10

Eden Kane – Corn Exchange – 27th January 1962

Eddie & Finbar Furey – City Folk Club, Grand Hotel, Wentworth Street – 25th August 1969

Eddie Calvert – Embassy Theatre – 1953

Eddie Holman – Wirrina Stadium – 12th November 1977

Edison Lighthouse – POSH Club – 26th May 1977

Edmundo Ross – Mansfield Palais – Late 1940s/Early 1950s

Edwin Starr – Wirrina Stadium – 1976

Egg – Great Hall, Oundle School – Early 1970s

Egg – Halcyon, Atherstone Avenue – 29th February 1972

  • original “Canterbury Scene” progressive rock band

Elkie Brooks – Cresset, Bretton – 25th May 1994, 24th October 1995

Elton John – Abax Stadium, London Road – 11th June 2017

Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Wirrina Stadium – 7th March 1980

  • a tour of “small venues” which started with a date at the West Runton Pavillion in North Norfolk ….. all tickets were just £3 and only available from local vendors !

Emile Ford & The Checkmates – Embassy Theatre – 29th February 1960

Emile Ford – Corn Exchange – 14th March 1963

Engelbert Humperdinck – Embassy Theatre – 1954

Engelbert Humperdinck – Palmerston Arms, Woodston – 1st July 1967

The Enid – Key Theatre – 30th April 1984

  • this gig was filmed and shown in part on regional TV

The Enid – Key Theatre – 9th December 1984

The Enid – Key Theatre – 16th June 2011

Enter Shikari – The Park, Park Road – 13th October 2005

Enter Shikari – The Park, Park Road – 15th December 2005

Enter Shikari – Met Lounge – 7th September 2006

Enter Shikari – Cresset, Bretton – 10th October 2008

  • set list was Step Up, The Jester, Return to Energiser, Kickin’ Back on the Surface of Your Cheek, Mothership, Hectic, OK, Time for Plan B

Enter Shikari – Cresset, Bretton – 28th April 2013

  • set list was System, Meltdown, Sssnakepit, Sorry, You’re Not a Winner, Gandhi Mate Gandhi, The Feast, The Jester, The Paddington Frisk, Destabilise, Havoc B, All Eyes on the Saint, Arguing with Thermometers, Unite, Mothership (Motherstep 2.0). Encore: Return to Energiser, Zzzonked

The Equals – Baston Playing Field (Marquee) – 7th April 1969

Erasure – Mallard Park Hotel – 10th August 1988

  • Dogsthorpe born Andy Bell, one half of the Erasure duo, leapt from the Bretton Sainsbury’s meat counter in 1985 to answer an advert from which Erasure was born !

Esperanto – Oundle School, Great Hall – Early 1970s

  • Belgo-English rock band

Evelyn Thomas – Wirrina Stadium – 1970s

Example – Met Lounge – 15th January 2010

  • this was one of two dates played at the venue (other date unknown)

Example – Cresset, Bretton – 26th May 2010 (see “Ed Sheeran”)

  • supported by Ed Sheeran and Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

The Exciters – Wirrina Stadium – 5th September 1975

The Exciters – Wirrina Stadium – 2nd July 1976

Explosive Amazing Gas Medicine Show – Halcyon, Atherstone Avenue – Early 1970s ?

Factory – Peterborough Technical College – Early 1970s (numerous gigs)

  • London based Psychedelic Rock band

Fairport Convention – Whittlesey (“The Barn BBQ Concert & Barn Dance”) – 2nd/3rd June 1968

  • with Donovan, John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, Fleetwood Mac, Amen Corner
  • see “Donovan” for more details on this show

Fairport Convention – Baston Playing Field (Marquee) – 19th July 1969

  • line up was Simon Nicol (guitar, vocal), Richard Thompson (guitar, vocal), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Sandy Denny (vocal, piano), Dave Swarbrick (fiddle, mandolin, vocal), Dave Mattacks (drums, keyboards, bass)

Fairport Convention – Wirrina Stadium – 1987

The Fall – The Park, Park Road – 15th October 2001

  • “The Joke / Cyber Insekt / Bourgeois Town / Crop-Dust / Antidotes / Way Round / Touch Sensitive / Mr Pharmacist / Folding Money / And Therein / Two Librans / Dr Buck’s Letter / I Am Damo SuzukiI’m sure that I’ve missed out a couple of tunes, also the running order is suspect. Anyone?A really good show, which I enjoyed far more than the last couple of outings I’d caught (Junction Cambridge UK & Forum London UK 1999).Nice small venue, pleasantly crowded, decent sound. The lads seemed a bit lost on a couple of numbers, with bemused glances being exchanged particularly during Mr Pharmacist & Two Librans. This didn’t seem to dampen their or MES’s apparent good mood though, and when they did ‘get it together’ (which they certainly did on most numbers) things seemed to really take off.Damo Suzuki surfaced as the second encore – blistering after a nervous start. Smith left the lads to it after some amp-twiddling and a friendly wrestle with the bassist. The drummer, by now stripped to the waist & looking fit to drop, eventually underlined the end of the proceedings by kicking over his kit. I’m guessing any more encores & he’d have needed an ambulance – rather than this being a sad rock cliche!”

The Farinas – St Mary’s Hall – 11th September 1964

The Farinas – The Crown, Westgate – 5th March 1965

  • Leicester based band who went on to form the nucleus of sixties prog-rock band Family
  • very regular visitors to the city at this time, playing the A1 Club, Elwes Hall and even The Palais

Fatback Band – Wirrina Stadium – 1987

Fatback Band – Wirrina Stadium – 1987 (played two gigs in 1987)

Fields of the Nephilim – Wirrina Stadium, Bishops Road

Fields of the Nephilim – Tropicana, Bishops Road – 18th June 1986

  • with Gene Loves Jezebel and the Heroes

Fields of the Nephilim – Cresset, Bretton – 29th July 1990

Fleetwood Mac – Whittlesey (“The Barn BBQ Concert & Barn Dance”) – 2nd/3rd June 1968

  • with Donovan, Fairport Convention, John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, Amen Corner
  • see “Donovan” for more details on this show

Flying Hat Band – Halcyon, Atherstone Avenue (Cloud Nine) – 22nd February 1972

  • highly regarded Birmingham based heavy rockers that failed to make the big time
  • featured guitarist Glenn Tipton who went on to play with Judas Priest who did make it !
  • also featured drummer Steve Palmer who was the brother of Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame

FM – Tropicana Room, Wirrina – 27th January 1987

  • supported by White Sister

The Fortunes – Palais, Wentworth Street – 10th July 1965

The Fortunes – ABC Embassy Theatre – 13th November 1965

  • supporting Herman’s Hermits

The Fortunes – Palais, Wentworth Street – 26th March 1966

The Fortunes – Fletton Ex-Servicemens Club – 16th November 1979

The Foundations – Cloud Nine, Grand Hotel – 31st December 1969

The Foundations – Drill Hall, London Road – 2nd February 1973

The Foundations – A1 Club, Wittering – 7th August 1974

The Four Pennies – Corn Exchange – 16th May 1964

  • their hit “Juliet” made #1 in the charts at the time of the Peterborough show

The Four Pennies – Palais, Wentworth Street – 13th February 1965

The Fourmost – Corn Exchange – 26th October 1963

The Fourmost – Embassy Theatre – 10th November 1963

  • support to Helen Shapiro (see Helen Shapiro show details for poster)

The Fourmost – Corn Exchange – 11th April 1964

The Fourmost – Palais, Wentworth Street – 17th July 1965

The Fourmost – LaScala Nightclub – 6th September 1980

Frank Ifield – Embassy Theatre – 2nd December 1962

  • Played as headliner on a lengthy bill that was opened by The Beatles (see Beatles show details above) !

Frank Turner – Met Lounge – 20th August 2003, 15th April 2004, 26th March 2005

Frank Turner – The Park, Park Road – 26th September 2006 

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – ABC Theatre – 29th January 1971

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – ABC Theatre – April 1976

Frankie Vaughan – Milton ’80 Fete – 26th May 1980

Frantix – Glasshouse, Key Theatre – 18th August 1986

  • with The Pleasure Heads

Freddie & The Dreamers – Corn Exchange – 1st June 1963

Freddie & The Dreamers – Palais, Wentworth Street – 6th February 1965

Freddie Fingers Lee & The Shriekers – Palais, Wentworth Street – 10th October 1964

Freddie Fingers Lee & The Shriekers

  • supporting Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers
  • featuring Ian “Mott The Hoople” Hunter on bass guitar
  • in March 1964, Hunter chanced upon Freddie ‘Fingers’ Lee in a pub. Ian knew of Freddie, having seen him play with Screaming Lord Sutch’s backing band, the Savages. Ian asked Freddie to join The Shriekers as pianist and front man, and Ian switched over to bass. The reconstituted Shriekers played the Midlands circuit in 1964 and 1965, and also travelled regularly to Germany to play in Hamburg, Keil, and Duisburg.

Freddie Notes & The Rudies – Cloud Nine, Grand Hotel – 17th December 1969

  • their seminal ska classic “Montego Bay” made #45 in the charts in October 1970 before the key members reformed as Greyhound who went on to have three top twenty hits in 1971/1972

Free – Cloud Nine, Grand Hotel – 9th November 1969

  • a classic early appearance from Free well ahead of their 1970 release of “Alright Now” that brought them overnight fame and legend !

Funeral For A Friend – Cresset, Bretton – 15th October 2009

  • watch “Into Oblivion” from the Cresset show HERE

Funeral For A Friend – Met Lounge – 6th August 2011

The Gangsters – Wirrina Stadium – 28th March 1980

  • Brum Beat Tour with The Quads
  • The gig was cancelled !

Gary Glitter – Mallard Park Hotel – 1990s

Gary Moore Band – Technical College – 2nd November 1973

  • supported by Jasper

Gaye Bykers On Acid – Cresset, Bretton – 7th July 1989

  • with The Black Sky

Gene Loves Jezebel – Tropicana, Bishops Road – 18th June 1986

  • with Fields Of Nephilim and The Heroes

Gene Loves Jezebel – Wirrina Stadium – Late 1987

  • with Passion Fodder and Hunting Party

Gene Pitney – Embassy Theatre – 22nd March 1964

Gene Pitney – ABC Theatre – 1st May 1968

  • support included Status Quo and Amen Corner
Tour Programme from the show

Gene Pitney – Cresset, Bretton – 9th October 1990

Gene Pitney – Cresset, Bretton – 23rd October 1992

Gene Pitney – Cresset, Bretton – 21st October 1999

Gene Pitney – Broadway Theatre – 19th March 2006

Gene Pitney on stage at the Broadway Theatre [photo: Chris Boland]

Gene Vincent – Corn Exchange – 11th March 1961

  • “my Dad’s mate saw Gene play at the Peterborough Corn Exchange after he’d recovered (from the accident that killed Eddie Cochran in April 1960) and he came out and sung ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, dedicated it to Eddie, and then broke down and had to be helped off stage.”
  • show was originally set for 4th February 1961 but was rescheduled
  • support band was Chris Wayne & The Echoes

Gene Vincent & The Shouts – Elwes Hall, Church Walk – 17th July 1964

  • the legendary rock ‘n roller played in France the night before and was at Heacham the following night !

Peterborough Citizen advert for the show
The programme from the show

Genesis – Great Hall, Oundle School – 1970

  • “complete with Peter Gabriel wearing a box on his head !”

Genesis – Cloud Nine, Grand Hotel – 14th February 1971

  • the band were touring in support of their Trespass album released in 1970. Tour set list was Happy the Man, Stagnation, The Fountain of Salmacis, The Light, Twilight Alehouse, The Musical Box, The Knife.

Genesis – ABC Theatre – 3rd April 1980

  • set list was Deep in the Motherlode, Dancing With the Moonlit Knight (Intro), The Carpet Crawlers, Squonk, One for the Vine, Behind the Lines, Duchess, Guide Vocal, Turn It On Again, Duke’s Travels, Duke’s End, The Lady Lies, Ripples…, In the Cage, The Colony of Slippermen, Afterglow, Follow You Follow Me, Dance on a Volcano, Drum Duet, Los Endos. Encore: I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Fans queueing early for tickets

Genesis on stage at the ABC 1980 [photo: Paul Rowlands]
Genesis on stage at the ABC 1980
Genesis on stage at the ABC 1980 [photo: Paul Rowlands]
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band – Palais, Wentworth Street – 11th April 1966

Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band – Palais, Wentworth Street – 2nd June 1966

Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band – Baston Playing Field (Marquee) – 9th August 1969

  • unless the band played the same venue twice in quick succession, this gig may not have happened despite being advertised

Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band – Baston Playing Field (Marquee) – 4th October 1969

Geno Washington – Key Theatre

  • week long Key Music Festival

George Formby – Embassy Theatre – 1946

George Hamilton IV – Embassy Theatre

George Hamilton IV – Embankment (Country Music Festival) – 1985 ?

Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames – Corn Exchange – 29th February 1964

  • supported by Unit 4

Gerry & The Pacemakers – Embassy Theatre – 13th December 1964

with The Kinks and an “unknown” Tom Jones

  • Programme courtesy David Boocock

    Gerry & The Pacemakers – Anabelles, Bridge Street – 27th February 1980

Gerry & The Pacemakers – Central Park – 29th June 2002

Gerry & The Pacemakers – Cresset, Bretton – 23rd October 2009

The Ghears – Met Lounge – 2000s

  • band featured Paul Archer, vocalist with Snow Patrol and brother Iain Archer – producer & writer for Jake Bugg (among many others) and also one time member of Snow Patrol

Ghost – Great Hall, Oundle School – 24th February 1974

Gilbert O’Sullivan – ABC Theatre – 23rd February 1978

Gilbert O’Sullivan – Cresset, Bretton – 3rd April 2012

Girlschool – The Fleet, Fletton – 6th March 1980

Girlschool – The Fleet, Fletton – 16th July 1980

  • supported by Easy Prey

Glitter Band – Wirrina Stadium – 27th September 1974

The Globe Show – Baston Playing Field (Marquee) – 20th September 1969

  • well respected UK soul band who supported many top acts including Ben E King and Jimmy Ruffin

The Go-Go’s – Wirrina Stadium – 23rd April 1980

  • support to Madness

Go West – Broadway Theatre – 17th July 2010

Gobblinz – Community Complex, Padholme Road – 4th November 1977

  • appeared with fellow Peterborough band The Dole

Gobblinz – Bull & Dolphin – 27th December 1977

  • based on the adverts for the February 1978 gig, the band probably didn’t play this one !

Gobblinz – Bull & Dolphin – 9th February 1978

Gobblinz – Technical College – 7th July 1978

Gobblinz – Technical College – 10th November 1978

  • supported by White Heat and The Now

Gobblinz – Focus Youth Club, Dogsthorpe – 14th October 1978

  • with The Dole and The Now

Gobblinz – Cressett, Bretton – 20th January 1979

  • supported by T’Birds

Godfathers – Tropicana, Bishops Road – Late 1980s ?

Goldie – Town Hall – 17th November 1973

Gonzalez – Wirrina Stadium – 7th May 1979

Gonzalez – LaScala Nightclub – 27th June 1981

Graham Bond Organisation – Cloud Nine, Grand Hotel – 14th December 1969

Greenfield Hammer – Town Hall – 13th September 1969

  • three months after the gig, the Slough based band auditioned to back up singer Tony Burrows and became Edison Lighthouse who had the hit “Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)” in 1970

Greenslade – Oundle School – 9th December 1973

Groundhogs – Peterborough Technical College – 1974

  • supported by Nutz

Groundhogs – Willow Festival, Embankment – 2000

Gwen McRae – Wirrina Stadium, Bishops Road – Late 1980s ?

Gypsy – Technical College – Early 1970s

Gypsy – A1 Club, Wittering – 29th November 1974